I'm a fine artist based out of center city Philadelphia. My career and painting aesthetics are rooted in the study of European masters. My artwork - done in oil, pastels, or charcoal – showcases reality with an impressionistic twist.

My work has been exhibited in various art shows in the Philadelphia area as well as in my native Israel, and my paintings hang in private collections around the country.

While I got my start with still life and humanist realism and classical techniques at Studio Incamminati, in the last few years I discovered a passion for personal portraits.

On a whim I took an old photo of my son, Alon, and replicated it on canvas with oil paints. While the likeness of Alon’s image was remarkable, what surprised me the most was the feeling I got every time I glanced at the painting of my little boy.

I wouldn’t necessarily call it nostalgia, or maybe I would. But nostalgia in the happiest sense of the word.

With the aim of making people smile, I transform real life personal moments into tangible manifestations of lasting memories. I love creating paintings with richness in meaning that I know fill people’s homes with joy and pleasant remembrances.